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For more information, please call 610.728.5211 or 800.669.2318. You may also ask questions by completing and submitting our Request Info form.

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What is a CCRC?
Do I own my residence?
What services are included with the monthly fee?

What types of residences are available?

May I renovate or decorate my home?

Do you provide any assistance in helping to sell my current home?

Can my children and grandchildren visit us and use your amenities?

It looks like there’s a lot to do. How varied are your activities and programs?

What happens if I need medical attention for illness or injury?

Do you have personal care or skilled nursing services?
Does the Shannondell smoke-free policy apply just to building interiors?

Please give me directions to Shannondell.

What is Shannondell’s Mission and History?

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Shannondell’s address is 10000 Shannondell Drive, Audubon, Pennsylvania 19403