b'So far, I seem to be drawn to all the B activities . billiards, bocce andvisit shannondell.combridge, she adds.Marilyn, a longtime resident, perks up at the mention of bridge. Before COVID, wed all get together twice a week for Party Bridge. The buy-in was a quarter. If you were lucky, you could win $1.50 and get a drink at the clubroom bar! Were all looking forward to being able to party again soon, Marilyn says. She adds, Were also anticipating the reopening of our Performing Arts Theater. When the Mummers were here, Famous Fran came strutting down the aisle with an umbrella and we all joined in. Rosemary is the most recent resident of the group. She claims her lucky day was the one when she met Judy, We took the same elevator, which turns out to be a great place to meet your neighbors! Marilyn quickly adds, Were all just down the hall from each other. You say hello and it starts from there. Were just one of many single resident support groups here, but that wasnt the intent when we all met. Its anatural result of the kindness you encounter and an environment thatencourages interactions and group activities. When Fran met Marilyn, Fran realized they attended the same high school. We got out our yearbooks and reminisced about our sorority and other school events, Fran says. Judy chimes in, I think we all quickly recognizedHear other residents speakingthe friendliness here, but you also learn to appreciate the safety and care. When I first moved in, I accidently activated my emergency bracelet. Beforecandidly to the journeys that led I knew it, security was at my door. I cant tell you how comforting that is.them to Shannondell and theirI dont know how I would have made it through the pandemic without theexperiences since moving here.support of this community and these wonderful new friends, Rosemary admits, motioning to her hallmates. Visit shannondell.com and click on Inclusiveness. Valued friendships. Good fun. Comfort and safety. Just a our video gallery. To schedulefew of the reasons single residents here cant imagine living anywhere else, a safe, in-person or virtual tour,including their former homes. Fran sums it up, Shannondell is truly a warm and welcoming community. The place just sells itself. call610.728.5211. Creighton Great value in a one-bedroom A great choice for singleresidents or those not needing a separate study space, this comfortable floor plan offers abundant natural light andincludes an ample walk-incloset. Residents also enjoythe option to open up thekitchen to the dining and living room, a popular current choice. 3'