b'DINING OPTIONS ABOUNDand tomato bisque. These changing preferences W ith six dining venuesfrom pastries at thehave evolved since, but many of these home-style Bakery and wood-fired pizzas at the Bistroto ample dinner buffets and four-course dining in theitems remain on menus. main dining roomsresidents relish the daily choices Another lasting outcome from last year is the when it comes to mealtime at Shannondell. current popularity of both take-out and dinner delivery to residents apartment homes. Of Says Lorri, a recent Shannondell resident, I call it the food course, residents still have the option to cook advantage here compared to our former home. I dont have to startand eat-in. Something that Judy, another recent thinking about what were having for dinner at 2, or if I need to goresident, acknowledges but ignores. Says Judy, to the store. I cant tell you what a relief that is. Plus, the meals hereSince moving here, Ive stopped cooking. I are truly chef-prepared. Theyre delicious. Peter, another residentmean anything. I dont even have the circuit agrees, The food at Shannondell is excellent. And, I have somebreaker for my stove flipped on. Whatever Im dietary restrictions, so I have to be careful. Not only is the kitchenin the mood for, whether its coffee and fresh accommodating, but the kids (waitstaff) do an incredible job. baked croissants or pizza and a nice glass of wine, its just a short walk from my door, andThe latter comment makes Theresa, a dining manager, smile. if I dont feel like socializing, I do take-out. Our dining staff enjoys getting to know the residents and vice versa.Residents let you know how much they appreciate what we do. ItsSo, no matter what you might have a taste for at very genuine, which makes our jobs rewarding, she says proudly.snack or mealtime, chances are better than good youll be able to satisfy your craving at one of This pride extends to Mark, head chef at Shannondell. With wellthe many dining tables, take-out counters or via over 1,000 daily diners, you might think menus are planned basedhome delivery meal bags at Shannondell. Call it on whats efficient or easy to prepare in the kitchens. Youd be wrong.the just desserts of living more inspired! Says Mark, Last year was a prime example of how we are always reacting to residents culinary preferences when it comes to menus.With residents and employees fully vaccinated,Almost overnight, tastes seemed to pivot from menu favorites likeShannondell has been able to return to full diningrack of lamb, filets or grilled salmon to comfort food like meatloafservice this spring, a culinary accomplishmentand mashed potatoes or even simpler dishes like a turkey club wrapresidents both applaud and appreciate!Responding to residents lighter palates in the warmer months, menus favor a wider selection of entre salads, lean proteins and fresh seafood. But, its our new Bistro menu featuring always available NY strips,scallops and fresh, locally sourced produce thats getting the most buzz! Tamara, Dining GM 5'