b'Presidential Doctrines & Russias Invasion of UkraineBy Dr. Greg Ferro January 26, 13 p.m. & Jan. 27, 10 a.m.noon (Ashcroft movie theater)With Putin threatening the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine, it begs the question, Can our President respond pre-emptively Meredith Wilsons without a Declaration of War? The short answer: yes, the Bush Doctrine The Music Manin 2001 establishes this. In fact, The Bush Doctrine serves as anextension of the Reagan Doctrine (supporting freedom fighters) which By Arnie Finkel was an update Truman Doctrine (targeting containment). But while the Bush Doctrine was the right tactic to use against Iraq, is it applicable to January 25, 2 p.m. acting pre-emptively, today, against Russia?Well discuss this current (Bradford movie theater) situation with Russia within the context of these and other presidential Oh, youve got trouble my friends, right here in River City!doctrines. Dr. Ferro is a renowned history teacher and lecturer.And with this single sentence, we can picture Robert Preston, who played Professor Harold Hill in the film adaptation of the Broadway production of Meredith Wilsons The Music Man.But what do we know about Meredith Wilson? Discover this Iowa native who wrote Broadway shows, symphonies, movie scores and songs, including the Iowa State Fight song! He took home a Tony, OSCAR, Grammy and even a Presidential award. He was also the principal piccolo player with John Phillip Sousa and the NBC Symphony Orchestra under Toscanini. In essence, he was an All-American musician.41'