b'The English Monarchy: Intrigue, Conspiracy & ExecutionBy Herb Kaufman February 1, 2 p.m. (Bradford movie theater)With all the coverage of the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II and her 70-year reign, it seems the worldsattention has been focused on the English monarchy. Indeed, the monarchy has made an indelible mark onhistory. From Alfred the Great to Charles III today, fifty-seven men and women have reigned as kings or queens. Some reigned in splendor, shaping the culture of the world. Others were executed, with many serving inobscurity. If youre a fan of the chronicles of Queen Charlotte, as depicted in the Netflix series Bridgerton, or were glued to the medias coverage of Princess Dis death, you wont want to miss this captivating story. Rock Me Amadeus (a 2-part series)By Karl MiddlemanFebruary 10 & 17, 2 p.m. (Ashcroftmovie theater)For fans of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, wit and whimsy are likely not nouns that spring to mind when thinking about their compositions. According to Maestro Middleman, they should be. Numerous instances of wit, parody and farce in music from the Viennese Classic period (17501820) can be found in works. The antics of bickering servants, petulant peasants and pugnacious prisoners have all been put to music, illuminating the lighter side of Viennese social customs. Through recordings and live demonstrations,Karl will open your ears to the whimsy of masterful works. Rock me, Amadeus! 42'