b'The Race to Go Global:A Personal Journey By John FerriesMarch 22, 2 p.m.(Bradford movie theater)John, whose career was in the advertising/More Funny Things media business, will chronicle his race to take Happened on the his company global within a chaotic world. Way to ShannondellAlong the way, he encountered a host of By Joe Dittmarunexpected challenges and surprises,including bribe attempts, the KGB,February 23, 2 p.m.kidnappings, a military coup,(Bradford movie theater) Nelson Mandela, cat food tastings,the 2000 Olympics, and a drug lord.We all should be able to laugh at ourselves. Something He will reveal his risk/reward mandate and Joe Dittmar lives by. Throughout his life, from elementarythe unique solutions that had to be devised school to teaching school and beyond, many of hisin many countries to meet those challenges. innocent and well-meaning plans ended up as fodderJoin him in his race to expand his company for entertainment. Often, he says, at his own expense.into 72 countries.Through images, illustrations and storytelling, Joe relives these humorous misadventures, all fit for generalconsumption. He invites you to laugh at and with him. 43'