b'GreatThe U.S. Constitution Through HistoryBroadcast Jan. 318Courses One of the most important documents in world history, the US Constitution clocks in slightlylonger than a term paper, yet has inspired millions of pages of commentary and vigorousMF, 11 a.m., Channel 98 argument. Professor Berger (Nebraska) gives us the opportunity to explore this foundation, the resulting tensions stemming from such a diverse list of viewpoints and how AmericansThesecourses,taughtbyhave, over 235 years, clarified these ideas and resolved arising frictions. Indeed, ourconstitutional heritage is a fascinating and revealing story. One that defines our nationaltopprofessorsinleadingidentity. Eric Berger is a Professor at Nebraska College of Law. Clerking for thecollegesanduniversitiesHonorable Merrick Garland, he went on to litigate Supreme Court cases. fromacrossthecountry, areanentertainingand convenientwaytoremain a lifelong learner. 46'