b'The Science of Energy: Resources and Power Explained Broadcast March 116Why Insects Matter: Given all the press the energy sector has recently garnered, both due toEarths Most Essential Speciesinflation and global geopolitics, these lectures by noted energy expertMichael Wysession are certainly timely. Within this series, youll learn about Broadcast Feb. 1328 the issues surrounding energy in the 21st century . starting with theThey outnumber us and could outlast us. essential science behind how energy works.Yes, were talking about insects. A subject that Well explore how most energy is sourced,Professor Soloman (Rice) not only lives and breathes,how its stored, and when we mightbut also enjoys sharing. Over the course of thesepredominantly rely on renewablelectures, he reveals insects evolutionary feats, theirsources such as solar and wind power.mating rituals, parenting styles and specialized jobs. Michael Wysession is ProfessorAs biologists have pointed out, if Homo sapiensof Earth and Planetary Sciencesdisappeared, the loss wouldnt be terribly disruptiveat Washington University.to the rest of life on Earth. But if insects disappeared,A leader in seismology andlife on this planet would descend into chaos. Like itgeoscience education,or not, insects are earths most essential species. his research focusesWe might as well get to know them a little better. on the compositionScott Solomon is an Associate Professor at of Earths deep mantle.Rice University where he teaches ecology andevolutionary biology. He has also worked asa visiting researcher with the Smithsonian.49'