b'Democracy and Its Alternatives Broadcast March 17April 3What do we really know about politics as Americans? What characteristics do democracies share? And what can the alternativesnamely, authoritarianism and dictatorshipteach us about democracy itself? Armed with case studies from North America, Africa, Asia and Europe, Professor Hollander (Wabash) reveals what politics looks like around the world in this intriguing lecture series. Combining American politics, comparative politics, international relations and political theory, youll quickly appreciate what we, as Americans, enjoy thanks to our Constitution. Ethan Hollander is Associate Professor of Political Science at Wabash College. Additionally, he is the author of Hegemony and the Holocaust: State Power and Jewish Survival in Occupied Europe.War In the Modern WorldBroadcast April 419Call it a crash course in military, political andinternational history as David Stone explores the post WWII events that led to major confrontations on the world stage. Seven decades after the 1945 peace treaty, its interesting to note that currentgeopolitical realities dont look much different. War, however, does. Hypersonic missiles and drones are ushering in a new kind of warfare. 50'