b'King Arthur: History and LegendBroadcast April 20May 5With origins in the exploits of a Celticwarrior, the legend of a noble king andhis knightly cohort caught fire acrossEurope, spawning a vast literary tradition. But the appeal of the saga has far outlived the medieval and Renaissance periods.An epic resurgence in the 19th century Youll learn about these and other weapons that arecontinues today . from fiction to popular changing how countries and rebel groups fight. culture, King Arthur still rules. Professor And youll understand how highly localized civil andArmstrong is our tour guide for thisinsurgent conflicts have become the new terrains onmythic adventure ride, interpreting itswhich great powers wage war. David Stone is theelemental themes of kingship, courage, Professor of Russian Studies at the U.S. Naval Warvirtue, loyalty, love, and devotion to God.College. He has authored numerous articles on Professor of English at Purdue University, Russian military history. Dorsey Armstrong is also an expert onmedieval women writers, late medieval print culture, and the Arthurian legend. 51'