b'Wind Symphony of Southern NJNeill Hartley isMarch 27, 7:30 p.m.P.T. Barnum Under the direction of Dr. Robert Streckfuss, April 3, 7:30 p.m. these 42 talented musicians will performselections including Leonard Bernsteins P ortrayingthemastershowman Three Dance Episodes from On the Town,P.T. Barnum is no small task. Neill Hartleys Bachs Little Fugue in G Minor, Bizets one-manshowportrayingtheambitious Carmen Suite, and Philadelphia composerentertainer revels in this fascinating look at Vincent Persichettis Divertimento for Band.oneofthemostcolorfulandwell-known personalities of all time. A brilliant promoter, Barnumgavethe19thcenturypublic shamelesshucksterism,peerlessspectacle, andeverythinginbetween.Weathering accusationsoffraudwiththeattitude that there was no such thing as bad press, hebecameoneoftherichestmenin America.Followingtheperformance,Neill will provide a brief history of the circus and answer questions.68'