b'Model Railroad Club VideosNon-Fiction Book ClubThursday (1st), 2:15 p.m.(Ashcroft Movie Theater) Thursday (see calendar), 10 a.m. Thursday (2nd), 2:15 p.m.(Bradford Movie Theater) (Ashcroft card room)View films of incredible train excursions from This resident-led group describe around the world.themselves as a lively bunch of armchair historians and scientistsAdult Coloring Groupwho enjoy a wide variety of Thursday, 2 p.m. non-fiction work.(Bradford Marketplace)The benefits of adult coloringstress relief, enhanced concentration, even improvements Bradford Book in problem solvingspeak to the activitys Discussion Group rise in popularity. Give it a trycoloring Thursday (1st), 2:30 p.m. books & colored pencils provided.(Bradford card room) Ashcroft Book Evening of Theater Group Discussion Group Thursday, 2 p.m. Friday (4th), 1 p.m. (Performing Arts Theater)(Ashcroft arts & crafts room) Resident Steve Blumenthal leads this class for fellowFocusing on one work of fiction eachresidents who want to hone acting techniques, character month, these resident-moderateddevelopment and stage presence, then put these newly-groups offer insightful interpretationsacquired skills to work in monologues and 10-minute plays. in a social and fun setting. (requires memorizing)25'