b'Computer ClassesBy Lee & Erich BergWed., 10 a.m.12 p.m. Open Lab: Music Appreciation Class(Bradford computer lab) Monday (2x month) With Jeffrey UhligWednesday, 13 p.m. Thurs., 10 a.m.12 p.m. Friday, 13 p.m.(see calendar)Thurs., 13 p.m. (See schedules posted in both labs;Friday, 10 a.m.12 p.m. locations alternate monthly) This interactive class focuses on(Ashcroft computer lab)the enjoyment of listening to music,Beginner & Intermediate classesinclude: Computer Skills, Email, including piano, chamber, symphonic,Online Shopping, eReaders & iPads,File Management, Word and more.vocals, opera and Broadway scores.Concert and Broadway series artisticdirector Jeffrey Uhlig describes anddiscusses what were hearingand encourages questions.(no prior music knowledgeis required, just an appreciation) 30'