b'H An Osher Lifelong Learning Institute PresentationHAmerican Historyin 20 ObjectsRanking the Presidents: You vs. The ExpertsBy Michael SimeoneHBy Dr. Greg Ferro Tuesdays: March 331, 1:30 p.m.February 27, 10 a.m.3 p.m., noon lunch break(Ashcroft Movie Theater)(Bradford Movie Theater) Referred to as signposts along ourAmericans have always loved to rank things. The convenience andcountrys road to the present, iconic brevity of 1 to 5-star rankings online have only added fuel to theobjects such as the American flag or the Hfire. Which restaurant is better? College football team? VacationStatue of Liberty are easily identifiable. But destination? American President?? Yes, historical rankings of ourwhat about other symbols, representing Commanders in Chief are a popular subject, particularly in events that changed the course of history. election years. Join us for this interactive session where well divideWell examine 20 such objects, discussing into groups, evaluate our Presidents between 1946 (Truman) totheir evolution, impact and importance, 2016, share our findings, and then Dr. Ferro will compare andthen and now. ($30 per resident)H contrast the rankings by experts, including why certain presidents are ranked high and some low. Its going to be a different, fun and interesting day of learning. So, come ready to have an opinion. 34'