b'Historys Mysteries: The Civil War EraBy Herb Kaufman March 19, 2 p.m.(Bradford Movie Theater)Did Lincoln really write the Gettysburg Address on the back of anenvelope? Did the injured really bite bullets? Did Sherman, indeed, spare a Georgia town because he thought it too beautiful to burn? Everyday stories about our nations War Between the States are passed down from generation to generation. Much of it, though, is mythology and folklore. So, how do we separate the half-truths, blatant omission, even total fabrication from historical fact? By looking at a sampling ofunusual and/or controversial events, well answer these and related questions, sharing knowledge you likely never learned in high school.Our Local Landmarks: Cliveden of the National TrustBy Jodi WendlApril 17, 2 p.m.(Ashcroft Movie Theater)The walls of Cliveden sheltered British troops from American attack during the Battle of Germantown as well as housed seven generations of Philadelphias famed Chew family in the decades that followed. Today, as a National Trust Historic Site, the house and surrounding five-acre grounds are a glimpse not only into our citys history, but also Americas struggle for freedom. Discover the rich history of this incredible property. 36'