b'One Day UniversityThe Mind of Abraham Lincoln(live stream) By Professor Louis Masur, Rutgers University February 22, 1011:20 a.m. (Ashcroft Movie Theater)We are drawn to Abraham Lincoln. We marvel at how this poor, self-educated, frontier lawyer transformed himself into an influential political leader who defended democracy, preserved the nation, and abolished slavery. When asked to provide an autobiographical sketch in 1859, he mused there is not much of me. If not much then, there would be plenty to say ahead. This class provides an opportunity toimmerse oneself in Lincolns writings and to explore his ideas in seminar fashion,via biographical information and analysis. Professor Louis Masur has receivedoutstanding teaching awards from Rutgers, Harvard, Trinity College, and theCity College of New York. His essays and articles have appeared in theNew York Times, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, and Chicago Tribune.38'