b'Masterpieces of Art That Changed All the Rules(live stream) By Professor Leonard Steinhorn, American University February 22, 11:40 a.m.1 p.m. (Ashcroft Movie Theater)A walk through a museum can be a fascinating journey through time. Indeed, artwork of bygone eras offers the means to help us understand history and our own relationship to it. Yet, some of the greatest and most revolutionary works of art do so much more than document the world. Rather, they change how we see it. This class examines a small number of extraordinary objects drawn from the Western tradition, including the Parthenon of ancient Greece, the French sculptor Auguste RodinsBurghers of Calais, Masaccios Holy Trinity and Diego VelzquezsLas Meninas. By focusing on works that, in many ways, are as much about the viewers experience as they are about therespective subjects, well learn important aspects about theartist, the era and the influences that impacted the intent ofthe finished works. Denise Budd teaches art history atColumbia University and Renaissance art at Rutgers University. Her current research has extended to the history of collecting Renaissance art in Gilded Age America. 39'