b'The American West: History, Myth & Legacy Understanding Russia: A Cultural History(Part 1 of a 2-part series) (Part 1 of a 2-part series) Wed:Feb. 19Mar. 25, 2 p.m. (Bradford Movie Theater) Wed:Apr. 1May 6, 2 p.m.(Bradford Movie Theater)Fri: Feb. 21Mar. 27, 10 a.m. (Ashcroft Movie Theater) Fri: Apr. 3May 8, 10 a.m.(Ashcroft Movie Theater)So, how did the exploration and taming ofNeither fully European, nor Asian, Russia as a nationthe American West lead to so many Texas- (or empire) is often defined by its political history.size myths that still fascinate us today? AsYet, for all the triumph and tragedy, glory andprofessor Patrick Allitt (Emory) reveals, therevolution, the cultural achievements fostered byanswers start by looking at the earliest this political turbulence prove an even morecoloniststhe Spaniards, French and enduring legacy. In this first series by professorEnglishbefore following the exploits ofHartnett (Villanova), well begin by understandingLewis and Clark and their mapping of theRussias search for an organic cultural identity,then Wild West. From the Trail of Tearshow the Orthodox Church influenced culture,and the Alamo to the California Gold Rushthe dawning of the Russian Elizabethton Age,and Civil War, this first series feels as epic as and the significance of Alexanders Pushkinsa Hollywood script. An award-winning work. Dr. Hartnett has received numerousauthor, Dr. Allitt has written numerous awards and is the author ofarticles for academic and popular journals,The Defiant Life of Vera Figner:including The New York Times Book Review.Surviving the Russian Revolution.43'