b'Gentle Waves2020With a wide span of exercisesincluding range of motion, balance and strengththis gentle-on-the-joints water session is aScheduling ingood choice for a variety of fitness abilities and will leave you feeling good.the New YearH2O MixFor the most current schedule, With an energetic blend of Hydro-Pilates,see the listing posted in both cardio, buoy exercises and stretching, youllfitness centers and included exit the pool with newfound energy thankswith your monthly calendar. to this easy-on-the-joints whole body To connect with a memberworkout. No prior aqua class or Pilatesexperience is necessary!of our Fitness staff, call .Michelle (ext. 5258)Hydro-PilatesStacy (ext. 6417) A non-impact strengthening & stretchingKim (ext. 4213).class that uses precise movements,breathing and muscle control to helpdevelop trunk stabilization, improve strength, good posture, and stress relief. 7'