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What Our Employees Say

“Rehab at Shannondell is a beautiful facility and a great place to work. Management sets you up to succeed which leads to job satisfaction. Working here reminds me of why I got into therapy – to help others.”
Wade S., Therapy

“I was given undivided attention from the first call with Human Resources throughout the hiring process. As an employee, I enjoy my co-workers and the positive atmosphere we all share.”
Barb L., Housekeeping

“Shannondell provides a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where people work together as a team.”
Doug R.

“The people I work with at Shannondell make me want to keep showing up to work every day.”
Tim B.

“Shannondell is a friendly environment. My co-workers and the residents are great to be with.”
Stacey P.

“Everyone here – the residents and people I work with – seems happy. This makes Shannondell a great place to work.”
Steve L.

“Shannondell has a very welcoming environment. From the moment I walked in for my first interview, residents and employees welcomed me with open arms.”
Chris G.

“My work at Shannondell provides a constant source of positive reinforcement.”
Nina M.

“Not only is Shannondell a beautiful place to work, but also the residents treat you with respect, even when your job is to field requests for theater tickets, dinner reservations, transportation and deliveries.”
Ann D.

“I knew Shannondell was a large, growing company in Audubon, but I had no idea how many opportunities there are to learn new skills and advance here, until I started working in one of the several kitchens.”
Jane W.

“Shannondell provides a fun, family-oriented work environment that makes it easier for employees to plan and change schedules around family priorities.”
Susan Z.

“The thing that strikes me is just how friendly the residents are to everyone, including the housekeeping staff. This helps to make our work more fun.”
Gary G.

“I think my co-workers make Shannondell a great place to work. We’re serious about our work, don’t get me wrong, but we all manage to have fun.”
Rob B.

“I always try to keep in mind that the residents have worked hard to enjoy their years at Shannondell, and my job is to make sure they feel we enjoy the opportunity to serve them.”
Charlene M.

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