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Shannondell residents reveal how living at Shannondell has inspired themShannondell residents reveal how living at Shannondell has inspired them

Barb is inspired to secure a polling place at Shannondell

Inspiring Barb

Barb spent her career improving the lives of others. As a longtime teacher and political volunteer, she worked tirelessly to help both kids and adults reach their goals. So, when Barb moved to Shannondell, she was ready to focus on her own desires. Wouldn’t you know it that one of those goals became helping to secure a dedicated polling place within Shannondell to make it easier for residents to vote. So, Barb did what came naturally. She taught others why. And she won them over. Today, Barb serves on one of the political committees at Shannondell. And she’s already focusing on the next election.

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