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Vist Shannondell

Shannondell residents reveal how living at Shannondell has inspired themShannondell residents reveal how living at Shannondell has inspired them

Helen is inspired to take ballroom dance lessons at Shannondell

Inspiring Helen

As a teenager, Helen loved to Jitterbug. But, work and family left little time for Benny Goodman. That is, until she met a regular “Fred Astaire” at a dance several years ago. When Helen’s dance partner moved to Shannondell, she, naturally, followed his lead. Today, Helen’s become a regular not only on the dance floor, but also in the popular Zumba classes. In fact, the Latin beat moved Helen to try other exercise classes. Something she never felt comfortable doing before. Now, Helen is taking the lead. Her girls’ nightly outings have garnered a name – The Brighton Girls. Memoirs to, surely, follow

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Shannondell offers two billiards clubrooms, one in each clubhouse