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Vist Shannondell

Shannondell residents reveal how living at Shannondell has inspired themShannondell residents reveal how living at Shannondell has inspired them

Marty is inspired to take an acting class at Shannondell

Inspiring Marty

When you rescue the finances of your Synagogue by running a Bingo game, you get a reputation as a real character. In Marty’s case, he’s successfully parlayed that trait into numerous characters since moving to Shannondell. As a member of both the Actors’ Studio and King of Prussia Players, the spotlight’s found Marty once again in the Shannondell Performing Arts Theater. From musicals like Guys & Dolls, to Oliver and Mack & Mabel, Marty’s truly enjoying a whole new stage of life at Shannondell. His only regret is that he didn’t move sooner — what a revolutionary idea.

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Shannondell offers two billiards clubrooms, one in each clubhouse