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Vist Shannondell

sShannondell – living to inspire videosShannondell – living to inspire videos

Shannondell residents invite you to view their stories

Whether trying new things, learning new skills or discovering hidden talents, the Shannondell residents in these videos all share one commonality – since moving to Shannondell, they’re doing more, living healthier and feeling better about themselves.

Inspiration Doesn’t Fade with Age

“Not when you enjoy so much to do, learn and share.”

Mary Charlotte. Inspired to paint.

“I now have the freedom to focus on what I enjoy.”

Charlene. Inspired to dance.

“Now, I’m in the best shape of my life.”

Anita & John. Inspired to shoot.

“We do much more here than we ever did at home.”

Grace. Inspired to sculpt.

“Now, I’m sharing my creativity with my neighbors.”

Steve. Inspired to act and direct.

“This theater captivated me when I moved here.”

Ralph. Inspired to carve.

“You have to keep challenging yourself.”

Tom. Inspired to swim.

“Now, I swim a mile every morning before sunrise.”

Living Inspired

“It’s not just about reward, it’s about purpose.”

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