b'Whats surprised you the mostSo, is there an application process since moving here? to become a Bradford Babe?I would say how engaging everyone is. We all Smile. Laugh at yourself. Be a good listener.continue to make new friends at both clubhouses, And, youre in. We might even overlook beingeven reconnecting with high school pals . When I a non-Bradford resident.met Marilyn, I realized we attended the sameschool. We got out our yearbooks and reminiscedabout our sorority and other school events.Only if they buy the pizzas for ourSuper Bowl party .I agree. Everyone is so genuine and open tonew friendships here that its easy to start aconversation with someone you havent met. The . and bring quarters to Party Bridge! next thing you know, you find out they lived inthe same township, knew some of the samepeople, favored the same restaurants.Its obvious you enjoy living here. Its been a bonus having Marilyn as part of our How would you sum it up? group as she knows many other long-timeresidents while Fran and I know more of the We may live alone, but at Shannondell .newbies like us, so together we have a wide were not alone.community of friends, single and otherwise.'