b'Q Are you seeing new residents who didnt plan to move to Shannondell so soon decide to sell and move now to take advantage of this market?A Virtually every day, and why not? At current prices, new residents have more than enoughequity to cover our refundable entrance fee. So, say you can pocket an extra $50,000 or more by moving now versus two years from now. Thats a nice trip, or two, or three, and/or cash you can use to completely redecorate your new Shannondell residence or do something nice for your kids. And, if you asked a group of our most recent residents, theyll be the first to tellyou they should have moved here sooner, regardless of the real estate market. We hear itall the time. Q The million dollar question, when will the party end? A All I can tell you is that more homes have come on the market, but demand will continue to outstrip supply. Prices will increase, but more slowly thanks, in part, to rising mortgage rates. Rising prices and rates will bring affordability challenges, pricing some younger buyers out. In the near-term, though, we could see the strongest spring residential real estate market ever. So, look for the frenzy to bloom with our landscape.* Bright MLS Philadelphia Market Report, February, 2021DISCOVER 3-WAY AFFORDABILITY1 A Refundable Entrance Fee No matter which maintenance-free home you choose, your entrance fee is refundable to you or your estate,* helping to preserve family assets. 2 A Predictable Monthly ExpenseFinancial peace of mind stems from a single monthly fee covering virtually all amenities, activities, most meals, gated 24/7 security, housekeeping, utilities and more. 3 A Smart Health Care ModelAt Shannondell, you never pay for health services until you actually need this care. This is simply the smartest choice for most, whether you have LTC insurance or not.Youll find sample pricing on our website. Visit shannondell.com/sample-pricing. * In accordance with the Residence & Care Agreement'