b'A dmit it, youve considered how nice it would be toreached out to start the interior planning process for our clean and care for less . how liberating it wouldnew home. After inventorying our furnishings, theybe to never worry about home repairs . howdeveloped a plan placing our chosen pieces. Next we heard much freedom youd gain from letting someone else takefrom Diane who helped with all aspects of the move-in. care of the yard. Then, that one word pops into your head,He adds, Then, on move-in day, one team arrived to set the word that halts any further thoughts about what to doup all of our technology, another to install chandeliers, with a lifetime of accumulationsdownsizing.hang artwork and ensure everything was working, then People dont know where to start, says Shelley an interiora third team to unpack and place items on shelves and in designer at Shannondell. So, their fear of the unknown,cabinets. At days end, a wellness nurse checked in on us, combined with a lack of where to turn for help or who toand set up our medical alert system while making sure we call triggers inertia, she adds.knew where to find all the on-site health services, including the physician practices, pharmacy and rehab center. Which is why when during an initial tour, ShannondellWhile not exactly magic, the assistance and guidancestaff always stop by the Interior Design Center. Says residents receive from Shannondell is truly appreciated. Theresa, a Shannondell marketing rep, Seeing all theJohn sums it up this way, This seamless process takes a lot fabric, flooring and cabinet samples is impressive, but whenof effort on their part but it brings incredible value tothey meet our designers and hear about all the free servicesincoming residents. I cant tell you how much their help we offer new residents . from home sale assistance andeased the early stress of a pending move. downsizing guidance . to interior planning for their new home and unpacking services, its truly an aha momentThe takeawaydont let any apprehension from thoughts regardless of what their time frame for moving might be. of future downsizing and moving keep you fromexploring Shannondell and our inspiring lifestyle today. The Incredible Value of TeamworkShannondell residents are quick to sing the praises of this coordinated effort. Says Donald, a longtime resident, They came out to our home, took pictures of everything we had, developed a scale model to show us what could go where in our new unit, and it worked out just great.We make finding out more about our inspiring lifestyle botheasy and timely. Were hosting our most popular seminarJohn, a recent resident elaborates, Once we chose a home,Smart Planning for Future Downsizing in May and youre I was introduced to what I call the Shannondell team invited to be our guest, including a chef-prepared lunch.concept. Shelley and Linda from the Design CenterFor details, visit shannondell.com/seminar. NesconsetFlexibility in a two-bedroom One of our most popular larger floor plans offers abundant options for customizing. These include opening up the kitchen to the dining/living area or turning a bedroom into a very comfortable study, including custom cabinetry, recessed lighting, window treatments and tons of natural light. 7'