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The Value of Shannondell Extends Beyond Its Affordable Cost

Each Shannondell clubhouse offers residents concierge service

Shannondell residents enjoy long-term peace of mind and security that stems from knowing they made a wise financial decision for their family by calling Shannondell home. When you move to Shannondell, you leave behind the headaches and costs of home maintenance, including property taxes. You also leave behind the peril of unpredictable monthly living expenses.

And just consider all that you gain when you decide to move to Shannondell:

  • home sale, move-in (including furniture placement) and unpacking assistance provided at no charge
  • enjoyment from a host of provided services monthly: dining, cleaning and all home and grounds maintenance
  • contentment from knowing your one-time entrance fee is refundable* to you or your family when you leave Shannondell.

When you take the time to compare the current costs and risks of remaining in your current home, securing your future by moving to Shannondell is well worth exploration.

* In accordance with the Residence & Care Agreement

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Horses graze in pastures surrounding Shannondell