b'What keeps you busy and makes you happy here? I seem to be drawn to all the B activities . billiards, bocce and bridge.Ive also tried my hand at painting again which I havent done in a really long time. When Im in painting class, I get so relaxed I forget where I am. Its a wonderful feeling. I know this sounds weird but what makes me happy are all the climate- controlled walkways that connect everything and everybody here. I lovewalking over to the indoor pool, the community market and pharmacy, particularly when its freezing outside.I love the Performing Arts Theater. I love music appreciation class withJeffrey (artistic director of the Theater). I love the art gallery. There are somany talented artists here. But, my happy place just may be our weeklyParty Bridge games. The buy-ins a quarter. If youre lucky, you can win $1.50 and get a drink at the bar!'