b'We Welcome WinterA s Val Cunninghams words convey, winter canthey all continue unchanged through April.and should be viewed as a bountiful season. ItsThe same goes for appointments with wellness certainly a healthy attitude to own and share. Onenurses and physicians in our Main Line Health andthat our residents know all too well.Einstein Health practices, out-patient rehab sessions, banking and hair appointments, even tennis times! While these cold, gray days may dampen the spiritsIts an impressive list, indeed. One that new residents and stifle activities for many living on their own andreadily admit played a big role in their decisionfending for themselves, the winter months actuallyto move to Shannondell. shine a spotlight on the advantages of callingShannondell home. With virtually all activities andSo, as you thumb through this Winter issue ofamenities accessible via climate-controlled walkwaysInspirations, make this the season to throw caution and/or community shuttles, residents daily lives to the wind and try something new, be it acting remain just as active as any other season of the year.or getting back in the pool with an aquatics class. Share a favored class with a neighbor. Invite friends The proof is in your hands . fitness and aquatics to join you for happy hour, or dinner and a show in classes, college-level lectures, clubs and groups, the Performing Arts Theater. Tis the season, still,art classes, gallery openings, concerts and shows . at Shannondell. Enjoy the bounties! 2'