b'LecturesTaught by professors, curators andsubjectmatterexperts, theseliveclassescombine Pat Jordan is Anna Marie Holsteinwithresident-ledexpertise fromlifelongfieldsofstudyJanuary 24, 2 p.m.(Bradford movie theater)toeducateandentertain. She helped to raise funds to saveAs such, they represent a vitalGeorge Washingtons Mount Vernon home.partofourlifelonglearningShe was a nurse in Union field hospitals during the Civil War. She authored a book to encourage program. others on the home front to keep supportingthe soldiers fighting to save the Union. Shealso served as a regent in the effort to makeValley Forge a park. Meet Anna Marie Holstein, an amazing woman from Montgomery County, as portrayed by Pat Jordan. Her civic-minded projects remain, today, as a tribute to the men and women who value our nations history as well as the history of our county. 40'