b'A 4-part series (all lectures 2 p.m.)Friday, Jan. 6 (Bradford movie theater) Friday, Mar. 3 (Bradford movie theater)Friday, Feb. 3 (Ashcroft movie theater) Tuesday, Apr. 4 (Ashcroft movie theater)Moses, Aaron, Trajan, Indiana Jones, and Dr. Steve all share The capital of Nabataeans 2000 years ago, Petra wasone thing in common. You guessed itPetra, Jordan. Over a thriving center, dominating incense and spice trade. the course of these four lectures, Dr. Phillips takes us on a Well study these resourceful people, their business andjourney of Petras history, its Arab people, rich culture and technological savvy, and how Petra ending up serving asthe monuments that remain today.the most successful crossroad of the trade trails. Nestled in a mountainous basin in Jordans southwestern Well also discuss the hand-hewn monuments carved intodesert lies the ruins of this ancient city, named one the photogenic pink sandstone cliffs. Soaring up more than of the New 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. In 1989, 150 feet, many of these landmarks still serve as inspirationGeorge Lucas filmed a very memorable Indiana Jones for artists and cinematographers today. sequence at the Treasury, the centerpiece of Petra. As well uncover, many mysteries still lie buried beneathJordans ancient sands. Speaking of unearthing, it wouldntbe a Dr. Phillips lecture without a first-hand tour deep inside an actual excavation. This one, within Petras Temple of the Winged Lions . a dig where he served as a supervisor in 92. Come along as we dig deep into the sands of this rose-red city, and in the process, unleash our inner Indiana Jones.53'