b'Morning & Afternoon Stretch Brain GamesThis class is the perfect way to start your day.Wake up your muscles with gentle seated andChallenging interactive puzzles and brain games stimulate cognitive standing stretches that will get the kinks out fromfunctions, including memory, hand-eye coordination, reasoning skills, head to toe. Thanks to the popularity of this class, and visual acuity. Better still, theyre a lot of fun! Check dates/times an afternoon session is also available!on your Activities calendar and posted on flyers in the Fitness Centers. All are welcome!Whole-body StrengthWe begin with a short warm-up to get you moving. This is followed by strength exercises for your upper and lower body using dumbbells and your own body weight. Well end with a gentle stretch!Seated FitnessMostly seated, this class includes cardio movements with strength exercises and ends with a cool down stretch. A great optionfor all abilities!11'