b'Irving Berlin By Arnie FinkelHappyHolidays: October 25, 2 p.m.(Bradford movie theater) American Holiday Traditions By Herb Kaufman If you had to name two hits that define thisNovember 8, 2 p.m.American composer and lyricist, including the(Bradford movie theater)incredible impact he had on popular song, it might just be White Christmas and Holiday traditions tend to endure. God Bless America. But then youd be leavingBut how did they begin, by whom out Theres No Business Like Show Businessand when? For instance, which and Alexanders Ragtime Band. Jerome KernAmerican president was the first to said Irving Berlin has no place in Americanpardon the Thanksgiving turkey? music. He is American music. But whatWhy build that first gingerbread dont we know about this talented composer,house and did they eat it? When did businessman and patriot? Maybe his love life.Santa start appearing in department His early days. Why he was drafted. And whostores? Why the North Pole? How wrote lyrics for him. Sharing much of Berlinswas Rudolph created? And whats music, Arnie will approach these and manyup with Hanukkah donuts? Well other subjects about this hit maker who onceexplore these and many other said, My ambition is to reach the heart of theholiday habits passed down from average American. Not the highbrow or theone generation to the next .lowbrow but the vast intermediate crew whichas we approach this years seasonis the real soul of the country.of traditions. Happy Holidays!45'