b'Adventures in Ancient EgyptMummies Through TimeI Want My Mummy!& Across ContinentsFriday, October 6, 2 p.m.(Ashcroft movie theater)Friday, September 8, 2 p.m.This lecture seeks to answer why Egyptian mummies(Bradford movie theater) hold such a fascination in our popular culture. Well For some, the mention of mummies evokesstart by exploring the history of the Western worlds scary figures, arms outstretched. Though forinteraction with mummies . how mummification many of us, our visual is an arid Egyptiandeveloped over time . how mummies are made .landscape. But did you know the practice ofand how mummies still influence our traditions. preserving human remains is found on virtuallyIncorporating unpublished images of famous pharaoh every continent. In fact, theres an amazingmummies along with images of mummies discovered diversity of preservationwhether createdduring Dr. Steves own excavations at the Great Pyramids, deliberately or naturallyfrom one era and this class just might give you an idea or two for a one location to the next. As we open our fallHalloween costume! series focusing on all things mummy, well compare and distinguish these global remains, in the process departing from this life to the afterlife. Note: this class includes images of preserved human remains.54'