b'How We Move:Creation Stories of the Ancient World The Gross Anatomy of MotionBroadcast December 2028Broadcast December 1419 Stories of the origins of the universe, the earth and humanitytold through Most of us took anatomy in school. But asideacts of divine beingsilluminate the values and beliefs of the earliest from this whats where introduction, do wecivilizations. Over the course of 12 lectures, Professor Lam leads us through really understand how this system of bones,creation accounts of civilizations ranging from Mesopotamia (Babylon) . muscles and other vital parts work togetheracross the ancient Near East to Greece in the West . and encompassing in moving us? As Elizabeth Murray shows, atraditions from Egypt, Syria, Anatolia, and ancient Israel. In the process,clearer understanding of body structure provideshe discloses what these creation stories tell us about ourselves, wherea helpful guide in caring for and dealing withwe came from, and possibly where were headed. Joseph Lam ispotential health and mobility issues as weAssociate Professor of Religious Studies at the University ofage. Exploring major regions of the body viaNorth Carolina. Hes also authored a number of scholarlyAnotomage (a digital autopsy), well learn toarticles on the Hebrew Bible and Ugaritic studies. appreciate the form and function of the human body, including our own. Dr. Elizabeth Murray is a forensic anthropologist and Professor of Biology at Mount St. Joseph University. She is one of fewer than 100 anthropologists certified as a Diplomate by ABFA.The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Vatican | Public Domain 53'