b'LecturesTaught by professors, curators and subject matter experts, these live classes combine with resident-led expertise from lifelong fields of study to educate andGlobal Economic Warfare By John Ferries entertain. As such, theySeptember 12, 2 p.m.(Bradford movie theater) represent a vital part of ourTheres a new race for global dominance thats reshaping the world order, and its not military might. lifelong learning program. Global Economic War between alliances led by the U.S. and China is replacing the military war option. Triggered by lessons learned from globalization, the Pandemic, and Russias invasion of Ukraine, its been a race for alliance dominance in powerful technologies like AI, quantum computers, and semiconductor chips. Its also been a dangerous alliance competition for raw material andsupply chain security. John will cover the underlying strategies and components of thisGlobal Economic War as they are evolving. While leading a global firm, he lived with his family in Brussels for eight years and travelled extensively to all the players in this new race, including 41 tripsto China, 25 each to Russia, India, Japan, and Australia, and 20 each to South Africa and Brazil. 40'