b'The Actors StudioTuesday, (Performing Arts Theater) Resident Video JournalingGroup 1:1011:30 a.m.Group 2:11:30 a.m.1 p.m. Capturing personal stories on video is a Julianna Schauerman directs this group of talented residentsgreat way to share interesting, meaningful who have a blast learning the latest acting techniques, and, many times, humorous stories related singing, dancing, rehearsing and performing. to our lives with others. Edited videos canbe shared with family, and with yourpermission, may also be shown on the Shannondell channel. For more information, contact: Joe Bradley (x3909), Joe Dittmar (x3932) or Arnie Finkel (x3923). Readers Theater GroupTuesday, 1 p.m.(Ashcroft arts & crafts studio)Led by resident Steve Blumenthal, this class is for those who enjoy acting or want to learn, but who prefer not to memorize. Includes scenes, scripts and monologues. 28'