b'Mainliners Barbershop ChorusOctober 4, 7:30 p.m. Under the direction of Rick Serpico, Bill Oppenheim and Doug Pratt, this premier a cappella chorus returns to the Shannondell stage with anOn Things That Matter: An Interfaith Conversationimpressive array of harmony classicsWith Rev. Roy Almquist & Rabbi Alan Fuchsas only the Mainliners can deliver.Might we hear a holidayOctober 3, 7:30 p.m.classic in early October?Well never tell! If youve attended one of their former conversations, then you know how thought-provoking these are. In this session, our resident reverend and rabbi speak to Religious Nationalisman issuechallenging all Americans. Posing questions like . should the state grant special status to certain religions . how much influence should a single religious body have on laws affecting everyone . and can we foster diversity and understanding in a world where many want their personal outlooks to prevail . youll find yourself easily pulled into the discussion. Reflecting perspectives of bothJudaism and Christianitytheir answers as well as their questions for youwill engage and challenge. Youll appreciate it all. 69'