b'Hannibal: The Military Genius Who Almost Conquered Rome Broadcast October 1019Larger than life doesnt do justice to this famed Carthaginian commander. Defining a critical period in Roman history, his cavalry decimated the Empires citiesoutsmarting more formidable armies and causing panic in Rome. But peeling back the legend, what can be said about Hannibal, and why did he ultimately fail? Eva MacDonald is certainly the one to ask. She literally wrote the book on Hannibal, including being raised during the Punic Wars. Well explore the influences that shaped this military genius. A commander who almost conquered Rome. Eve MacDonald is a Senior Lecturer in Ancient History at Cardiff University. The author of Hannibal: A Hellenistic Life, she has also worked on excavations in Italy, Tunisia, Georgia and Iran.50 Hannibal Crossing the Alps; fresco by Jacopo Ripanda, Capitoline Museum |Jos Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro | CCBY-SA4.0 | Image cropped and extended'