b'Adventures in Ancient Egypt By Dr. Stephen Phillips, Ed.D., Research Assistant to the Penn Museum of Archaeology & AnthropologyNew Artifact Images! Ancient Faces: Mummy Wonderful Things: Portraits from Roman Egypt Tutankhamuns TreasuresFriday, Dec. 1, 2 p.m.Friday, November 3, 2 p.m.(Ashcroft movie theater)(Bradford movie theater)Arriving in Egypt at the time of Cleopatra VII, the Back by popular demand is this intriguingRomans incorporated aspects of Egyptian religion look at King Tuts treasures! Well journeyinto their own pantheon of gods and goddesses. back to the Tomb of Tutankhamunone ofThey also adapted mummification into their own the greatest archaeological finds of all time byfunerary ritualswith one distinction. Over the English archaeologist Howard Carter. Viewingcourse of their lives, Romans would have portraits artifacts not seen during last years Centennialpainted on wooden panels and displayed in their lecture of the tombs discovery . including ahomes. Upon their demise, these panels would be breathtaking array of gold, precious stones,positioned over their face before mummification. sculpted alabaster, furniture and beautifullyAs well see, these 2000-year-old likenesses are carved wooden objects . well end byastonishingly real looking. In fact, its been said examining cryptographic writing found onsome could pass for contemporary colleagues, several itemsmysteries that go unnoticed friends and neighbors. See who you recognize!by many. But not us. Mummy portrait of a girl | Carole Raddato | flickr.com/photos/carolemage/14304151412/ | CCBY-SA4.0 | New Background, Extended 55'