b'Swinging with Bing & Louis (part 1)Friday, October 13, 2 p.m. As a young performer Bing Crosby was smitten with jazz and freely acknowledged Louis Armstrong to be his inspiration. Likewise, Louis admired Bing for originating the model of the modern popular singera style that dominated radio, records and movies until Sinatras reign. In this first session, well explore the cross influence of these two most beloved entertainers.Loud Ethel & The Bronze Buckaroo (part 2)Friday, October 20, 2 p.m. As a young singer in Cole Porters Anything Goes, Ethel Merman shilly-shallied between humming and hell raising. Well examine the many sides of this Broadway belter, revealing there was more to Ethel than her mouth. Well also sample the extraordinary life and music of Herb Jeffries, the last surviving soloist of Duke Ellingtons band. Before the band, Herb had made his mark as the Bronze Buckaroo in black cowboy films made specifically for Harlem audiences.43'