b'Great Cities, Great Art By Phyllis Gotkin September 29, 2 p.m.(Bradford movie theater) As well observe, great cities have, indeed, inspired incredible art. Covering five centuries and three continents, our global tour will include stops in Tokyo,Crooners (2-part series)Beijing, Vatican City, Amsterdam, Vitebsk, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Venice, Mexico City, New York, and Paris.By Karl MiddlemanWith each location and time period reflecting distinct artOctober 13 & 20, 2 p.m.styles for different reasons, you might wonder what they(Ashcroft movie theater)all share. Thats easygreat cities and great art!Belters, crooners, scat singers and singing cowboys present a portrait of an era in American entertainment history offering not only great music, but also the first steps of talkie films. Some consider this vocal genre the balm that got us through theGreat Depression. Viewing rare footage and tracks of ourstar crooners, Karl spotlightsthis intriguing evolution overtwo sessions.42 The Windmill, Amsterdam, 1871 by Claude Monet | Public Domain'