b'Rising & Rockin Brian Michael HenryPennsylvanianativeBrianMichaelisanacclaimed Brian Michael Henry (vocalist) & actorandmusicianwhohasperformedopera, Jeffrey Uhlig (piano)musicaltheaterandconcertstheworldover.This November 8, 7:30 p.m. includes leading roles in Jersey Boys (Capitol Repertory Theatre),SouthPacific(WestchesterBroadway Dont miss this renowned baritoneTheater)andCamelot(SierraRepertoryTheater). who has starred in Jersey Boys,Recently, Brian has been seen singing and rocking Camelot, Ragtime, South Pacific the piano as Jerry Lee Lewis in various productions and as rockin Jerry Lee Lewis in of Million Dollar Quartet. In between performances, The Million Dollar Quartet on Mr. Henry teaches voice.tours nationwide.63'