b'Post Impressionism: The Beginnings of Modern Art Broadcast November 15December 1It might have started with the shimmering dots of SeuratsA Sunday on the Island of La Grande Jatte in 1886 or van Goghs seething energy in The Starry Night in 89. But, by the timeEdvard Munch probed beneath the placid veneer of civilized society with ghostly faces in Anxiety in 1894, the revolution ofPost Impressionism was well underway. Professor Allman tells thisepic story like few can . unfurling a panorama of paintings . revealing artists reimagining of their methods . in turn, painting a picture of a Post Impressionism world thats anything but abstract. Ricky Allman is a Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Missouri. His own art has been exhibited internationally.52 Landscape near Paris, 1876 by Paul Czanne | https://flickr.com/photos/153584064@N07/50639075423 | CCBY2.0 | Image cropped and lightened'