b'A Trio of Presidential Greatness (2-part series) By Dr. Greg Ferro October 16, 10 a.m.noon & 13 p.m.(Ashcroft movie theater) Abraham Lincoln served but a single term in the U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois (1847-49). Harry Trumans haberdashery he co-owned in Kansas City failed to turn a profit and closed after just two years (1919-21). And when Dwight Eisenhower graduated from West Point in 1915, he ranked sixty-firstout of a class of 164 and never led on a battlefield. Yet, in spite of these unimpressive marks early in their respective careers, the three a congressman, a senator and a generalrank as, possibly, the greatest presidents inU.S. history. Well delve into the lives and times of this trio of presidential greatness, comparing, distinguishing and, most surely, admiring. 44'